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the golden age of hollywood

pretty in pink
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Okay ghouls. This community doesnt really have that many rules as such, it has suffered a great deal of neglect over the past year or so and I have decided to revive it, as there is alot of revived interest in burlesque/vaudeville/vintage cinematography. Not to mention vintage pin-up models and musicals. Personally, I think this is great. There are a few obvious exceptions to the free for all though.

1) please, no spamming. Enough said
2) feel free to post pictures of your favourite icons, your favourite movie stills, favourite movies and even pictures of yourself dressed/made up within the theme, or even in pink.
3) if your posting big pictures or anything slightly r-rated, please, use your senses and use a cut. If you dont myself or sarah will instantly add a cut.
4) generally discourage inane quizzes, however if they pertain to the topic go right ahead.
5) Dita Von Teese related is allowed, but not to much please, we really are here for the classics.

okay, so its not that hard. Its relaxed and general. Hope you enjoy.